Flat Roof Restoration

flat roof restoration

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If your flat roof is cracking, tearing, or showing other signs of age and damage, don’t re-roof it; re-coat it! Flat roof restoration can save you time and money compared to replacing your roof. Call Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction at (817) 880-6960 for flat roof restoration in Dallas, TX, and Fort Worth, TX. Our Roofing company is here to help you find the right solution for your roofing troubles.  We offer quality roof restorations and coatings to ensure that you have access to the repairs you need at a price you can afford.  If you have any questions about the benefits of a flat roof restoration, call our office and we will be happy to assist you.

Benefits of Flat Roof Restoration

Compared to re-roofing your building, there are many benefits to flat roof restoration. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that you do not have to deal with the cost, hassle, and disruption from a complete tear-off and re-roof. Getting a new roof installed can interrupt your business operations and leave your building vulnerable. Flat roof restoration is much more affordable and gives you a reliable roof system. Some of the many benefits of re-coating your flat roof include:

  • Adds years to the life of your roof
  • Energy Star and LEED Green Building certified
  • Designed to be highly durable
  • Reflective surfaces create energy efficient, cool roof benefits
  • Resists wind, hail, UV rays, and more
  • Seamless, waterproof protection
Damaged Flat Roofing Materials in Need of a Flat Roof Restoration

A Flat Roof Restoration Can Repair Your Flat Roofing Materials.

Many building owners can benefit from flat roof restoration, whether you have a TPO roof or PVC roof. Our contractors will conduct a careful inspection to make sure your roof is not extensively damaged; if it is, you might be better off with roof replacement. Once we take a look at your roof, we will let you know your best course of action based on your needs and budget. We offer several roof coating options to provide the best protection and results for your flat roof!

Experienced Restoration Services

At Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction, we want what’s best for your business, so we only use high-quality roofing materials and proper techniques when working on your roof. To ensure a leak-free, dependable roof system, we work carefully and efficiently to get the job done right. Whether your roof is stained, cracked, or wearing out, we will get it looking like new again in no time. Call Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction at (817) 880-6960 for flat roof restoration in Fort Worth, TX, and Dallas, TX.