Residential Shingle Roof Installation

New Shingle Roof

If You Want to Install a New Shingle Roof, Call Our Office Today.

Do you need a new shingle roof? In addition to new installation, we also repair and replace roof shingles. Call Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction at (817) 880-6960 for a new shingle roof in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX. Our roofing staff offers the dependable installation services for the industry’s finest roofing shingles.  If your current roof needs to be replaced, or you building a new home, let us handle all your roof installation needs. Let us help you make sure your home is well protected by a strong, durable roofing material.

Types of Roof Shingles

New Shingle Roof

There is a Wide Range of Roofing Shingles Available to Install on Your Home’s Roof.

If you tell a roofer you want a shingle roof, they will ask, “What kind?” There is an almost endless selection of roof shingles to choose from in every color, style, and price points you could ask for. Do you want a bright green shingle roof? Searching for multicolored designer shingles? On a tight budget and need the most economical option? At Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction, we have it all!

Roof shingles have come a long way over the years, with some designed for specific purposes. There are the most affordable three-tab shingles at one end, and premium or designer shingles at the other. You can even find shingles designed specifically for hail resistance, as well as those that resemble cedar shakes, tiles, and more. Consider the look and style you want to accomplish. Do you want a classic, timeless roof or one that stands out?

If you need help finding the perfect shingle roof for your home, talk to the team at Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction. No matter which roof shingles you choose, you can count on professional installation for a durable, long-lasting roof. On average, a shingle roof can last 20-30 years with regular maintenance.

Your Shingle Roof Experts

The team at Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction is proud to serve the North Texas area with quality roofing services. Whether your home’s roof is aging or sustained damage in a recent storm, we can repair or replace all types of shingle roofs. Give us a call today to learn more about our options and services. We are committed to quality service and will work efficiently to get your roof back in top shape. We even provide free inspections for any project, so don’t hesitate to reach out when you need shingle roof services. Call (817) 880-6960 for shingle roof installation in Fort Worth, TX and Dallas, TX by Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction!