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When you need roof repair in Dallas, TX or Fort Worth, TX, make Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction your first choice. With more than 15 years experience in the construction industry, we can get our roof fixed up quickly. Call us at (817) 880-6960 to learn more! Our staff is here to make sure you get the right roofing services for your home’s roof.  If you believe that your shingle roof is experiencing problems, contact our office and we will send a roofer to your house to perform an inspection and help you decide on which type of repairs will best protect your home, your roof, and your family.

Signs That You Need Roof Repair

You shouldn’t wait until your roof is falling apart to call a roofer. Not only can this be more expensive, but it can cause your roof to age faster. Regular maintenance is important if you want to make your roof last as long as possible. This often involves an annual or seasonal inspection and cleaning, particularly if your roof is more than 10 years old. However, even with frequent maintenance, you will eventually need roof repair. It is much less costly to have minor repairs fixed than extensive roof and water damage, so watch for these signs that you need roof repair:

  • Curled, lifted, or warped shingles
  • Cracked, dented, or missing shingles
  • Excessive asphalt granules in your gutter
  • Soft or wet spots on your roof
  • Water damage or mildew in your attic

Of course, some problems develop suddenly and call for more urgent roof repair. Ice dams can lead to shingle damage and leaks, and strong storms can result in hail damage and other problems. If you have an urgent need for roof repair in Fort Worth, TX or Dallas, TX, call Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction at (817) 880-6960! We will work quickly to locate the source of the problem and repair any damage.

Quality Repairs for Your Roof

House After it Received Roof Repair

Regular Roof Repair Can Extend the Life of Your Roofing Materials.

Whether you have a few missing shingles or major roof damage, our roofers will carefully repair your roof to prevent leaks and other problems. With a thorough inspection, we can identify the source and extent of the damage and recommend the best course of action. In some cases where the roof is old and badly damaged, a roof replacement may be a better option. No matter what you choose, you can count on our contractors for expert roof repair and quality service.Call Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction at (817) 880-6960 for roof repair in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX. Let us help you find the right solution for your home’s roof.  We are committed to making sure your home and family are well protected during the next major storm. Call us today with all your questions and concerns.