Wood Shake Roof Service in Fort Worth, TX

Do you need a roof for your residential property that is durable, beautiful, and has a raw look to it? If this fulfills all of your roofing criteria, a wood shake roofing installation for your Fort Worth, TX seems like a great solution for you. Although we offer many residential roof services and options, wood shake roofing system continues to be one of the most popular materials. Although shake roofing systems aren’t seen around a lot, it’s aesthetic charm and value make it an incredibly remarkable roof for residential property owners to look into. To know more about wood shake roofing solutions, give the Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction team a call today at (817) 880-6960!

Advantages and Downsides to Know Regarding Wood Shake

Wood Shake Roofing

This Traditional Roofing Will Add Charm To Your Home.

With a wood shake roof installations, residential property owners who choose this exceptional roof will receive a lot of perks. When contrasting wood shake roofing to a very popular roofing system such as asphalt shingles, wood shake roofing is actually more durable confronting bad weather. This efficient roof is able to tolerate stronger winds, and also all hail or fallen twigs that turn up on your wood shake roofing. These roofing systems are also acknowledged as being extremely visually pleasing, thanks to their natural look, and you also anticipate lower energy costs each month. Wood shake roofs have many nice traits, but also have their pitfalls that include costly installations and substantial maintenance services. In fact, wood shake roof upkeep is so necessary, some residential property owners experience premature roof failure due to insufficient maintenance behaviors. If you reside in a place that is vulnerable to fire, you may want to rethink wood shake roofing; they have a very flammable material that will set your entire home on fire in minutes.

Expert Wood Shake Installation Roofers

When you are wanting a wood shake roofing installation in Fort Worth, TX contact Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction now at (817) 880-6960. With roofers that are certified and have proper training, we can provide outstanding client gratification to every project that we take on. We are more than happy to go through the roofing process with our clients and address all questions they may have on their residential roofing selection or service. At Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction our biggest focus isn’t guaranteeing a sale, it’s to make sure that the roof that you are interested in is the best roofing for you and your residence.