Tile Roofing

Tile roofing generates many benefits for a house. Visual impact aside, tile roofs support homeowners with decades of protection and durability. For tile roofing in Fort Worth, TX, Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction stands as the area experts. Whether you want maintenance, service, or total installation, don’t forget our name for all your tile roof needs. Clay tiles do well across a significant assortment of houses and provide a touch of style reminiscent of Mediterranean-style construction. Concrete or slate tiles supply a visually compelling selection with even better hardiness. Give us a call right away at (817) 880-6960 if you have become interested in tile roofing for¬†Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.

Tile Roofing Advantages

Tile Roof

A Tile Roof Adds Elegance To Your Already Beautiful Home.

Tile has presented a consistently in-demand option for residential roofs. The reason why occurs because tile offers both visual appeal and a respectable degree of durability. Maintain the following positives in mind if you have begun to weigh a tile roof for your own home.

Long-Term Performance: The lifespan of tile roofing far outlasts that of comparable materials like asphalt shingles. Sixty to 100 years counts as the normal lifespan of a tile roof that undergoes correct maintenance. New tile roofs have become beneficial for most regions, thanks to manufactured water shedding and ventilation abilities.

Variety: Concrete tiles come in a massive array of designs, which gives the homeowner lots of liberation in design. Whether you want to emulate authentic Spanish and Mediterranean construction, or have tiles made to appear like wood shakes, concrete tiles have you covered.

Weather-Resistant: An additional benefit of tiles comes from their advanced amount of durability to bad weather and extreme winds. If placed rightly, tile roofing can stand up to winds of up to 150 mph. The long-term durability of tile roofs conserves money over the decades, as homeowners spend less on regular maintenance.

Color Maintenance: Nobody likes when a roof begins to seem drab after just a few short years on a home. Natural origins including the clay blend or iron oxides supply the color for tile roofing. Long-lasting coloring on your roof happens thanks to the tiles’ infused vibrancy and keeps your house looking sharp.

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Call us now at (817) 880-6960 to discover more about tile roofing, arrange for repair, or set up for installation. We provide unparalleled service that creates a roof for the ages. At Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction, our team can supply for all requirements with systems in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.