Impact Resistant Shingles

As a homeowner, you recognize the importance of quality for the protection as well as maintenance of your home. That is why it makes sense that quality roofing is a priority to you, and why we here at Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction only supply quality roof solutions to our customers. If you’ve ever experienced bad weather, you know that your roofing can truly take a beating, especially from hail. Typical asphalt shingle roof systems are durable, but generally not effectively protected from to hail damages. Thankfully, we offer top quality solutions including impact resistant shingles in Fort Worth, TX and the surrounding cities! Give our team a call today at (817) 880-6960 and let us answer any questions or concerns you may have.

What Are Impact Resistant Shingles?

Impact Resistant Shingles

Protect Your Roof From Hail Damage.

As the title implies, impact resistant shingles are a kind of shingle roofing material that is designed to hold up better to hits from things such as hail. For traditional shingles, hail typically causes damage to the surface of the shingle, along with the fiberglass matting below. High impact shingles are created to handle large hail without sustaining harm to the fiberglass mat below. To determine the resiliency of fortified shingles, one technique is to drop a 2″ steel ball onto the shingles from a distance of twelve feet or more. A quality shingle will not show any signs of damage on the surface or the fiberglass backing.

Reliable Protection

While any roofing company can install a roof system on your house, at Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction we’re dedicated to providing a higher quality of roof that will last for decades to come. Impact resistant shingles are excellent options for improved defense against severe weather patterns, and enable you to hold on to the standard shingle roof style. If you’re interested in discovering more, or if you’d like to ask for an estimate for impact resistant shingles in

Fort Worth, TX or the nearby areas, give our crew a ring today at (817) 880-6960! Home metal roofing is also very resistant to hail, if you’re interested in a more modern aesthetic. Regardless of which type of roofing system you’re looking for, our team is ready to assist you!