Stone Coated Steel Roof Installation Services

For a lot of our customers looking to get started with metal roofing, a huge concern is about the external aesthetic of their home or business. There are some that wish to have that updated look that comes with metal roofing, but in contrast, some just want the traditional appearance. Conveniently, there is a material out there that gives you the best of both worlds: stone coated steel. Call us at (817) 880-6960 to get more about the benefits of stone coated steel roofing in Fort Worth, TX. The specialists at Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction have been in the roofing business for many decades and have all the answers to your questions.

Advantages of Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Stone Coated Steel

You Can Still Have The Protection Of Steel With The Look Of Stone.

There’s no doubt that you’ve already heard about the many bonuses that come with the installation of a metal roof to your property. With correct installation, benefits you can expect are energy efficiency, high resistance to severe weather, minimal maintenance requirements, and fire resistance, just to name a few. But when it comes to stone coated metal, you’re able to get each of these perks while having the appearance of traditional shingles or tiles. Conventional roofing styles are made with light metal panels that have each been covered with stone chips on the surface.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Professionals

Similar to a majority top-notch roofing materials, the upfront expense of stone coated steel can be a bit pricey. But throughout the years it can, in time, make up for those costs. These roofs call for less maintenance and are less prone to damage, which saves you on repair costs. You can also depend on stone coated steel to save you money on your energy bills! To get more information about our metal roofing services, or if you’re looking for a quote for stone coated steel roofing in Fort Worth, TX, talk to us today at (817) 880-6960. The specialists at Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction are certified, fully trained, and are willing to help!