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Get High-Quality Roof Leak Repairs That You Can Depend On

Trusted Experts

Your roof leak will be in good hands with our experienced contractors so you don't have to fret.

Durable Materials

Your roof leak will be fixed with top-grade materials, to protect your home, no matter how big or small the leak is.

Lifetime Warranty

Don't stress out about your next repair. Your roof leak repair will stand the test of time with our guaranteed lifetime warranty.

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Providing You With Excellent Roof Leak Repairs

Roof leaks are not something you can ignore, as they will just become bigger and more expensive to repair over time.


That is why you need to find a trusted roofing contractor to fix your leak in a short time frame.


Dealing with any roof leaks is no fun. Let the experts at Orange Elephant take care of everything.

Why Should You Choose Orange Elephant For Your Leak Repair?


Our team of contractors are qualified, experienced, and have great attention to detail.



You can expect your roof to be repaired so that you can't even tell there even was a leak in the first place!



Here at Orange Elephant, your roof leak will be repaired with the highest quality materials.

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Get Your Roof Replaced In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Fill out the form, with your info, below to schedule your inspection.

Once received, we will come to you and inspect your roof.

 Choose your materials, financing and warranties and we get started!

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