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Commercial Metal Roofing System

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When it comes to protecting your building, it is important to have a strong durable roofing material. Few materials are as strong as commercial metal roofing materials.  If properly installed, they protect your building from serious storm damage and can increase the curb appeal of your building. Are you looking for commercial metal roofing in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX? Call the office of Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction at (817) 880-6960 to schedule an appointment to upgrade your roofing materials today. Let us help you find the right roofing solution for your building.

Benefits of Commercial Metal Roofing

If a flat roof will not work for your commercial building, standing seam metal roofing is an excellent choice. Metal is a highly durable material that can be used in a variety of settings. Resistant to water, fire, hail, high winds, thermal shocks, and more, it can last for 40+ years with proper care. This makes a metal roof a true investment in your business! Plus, it is low-maintenance, leaving you more time to focus on your business and less time worrying about the condition of your roof.

Roofers Installing Commercial Metal Roofing Materials

Commercial Metal Roofing Materials Provide Energy Efficiency for Your  Commercial Building.

Another major benefit of commercial metal roofing for your commercial building is the energy efficiency. Many commercial buildings have large roofs, and as the sun shines down on your roof, it can reach temperatures in excess of 175 degrees. However, metal is a naturally reflective material, meaning it does not absorb as much heat as a dark roof. This can help keep your roof dramatically cooler, especially in those sweltering Texas summers. A cooler roof means a cooler building and lower energy prices for you.

In some cases, you can even get tax credits and other benefits from choosing a metal roof. You will also be doing your part to go green since most metal roofs are made of recycled materials and are fully recyclable. If you want to learn more about the benefits of commercial metal roofing in Fort Worth, TX and Dallas, TX, call Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction at (817) 880-6960.

Long-Lasting Quality

By using standing seam metal roofing, our contractors make sure to provide top quality protection for your roof. This technology helps make your roof secure and keeps out water. If you start to notice rust or signs of wear on your metal roof, talk to us about our metal roof restoration services! This can save you the trouble and expense of a full roof replacement. For quality installation, call (817) 880-6960 today for commercial metal roofing in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX.